The Newbie to Millionaire  Affiliate [NTM] Launchpad

Welcome and thank you for choosing to promote this product (Newbie to Millionaire Affiliate Launchpad by DebbieIgnites) 

I have provided promotional materials - books for traffic, image covers for social media updates, testimonials for building trust, videos for your Ads and promotion, follow-up messages etc - all these will make your efforts worthwhile and swift. 

Immediately you chose to promote this program, you automatically qualified for the AFFILIATE CHALLENGE CASH PRIZES 

Social media cover images, fliers etc

These are images that are meant to arouse questions in your prospects and it can be updated on your social media platforms

Lead Magnet Books 

You can use any of this books to drive traffic to your preffered marketing platform (E.g Whatsapp, Email List, Instagram, Twitter etc)

The VSL {Video sales Letter} A.K.A - the Free training video/lead magnet 

This is the Link which contains the free video training which you are to give to your prospects after they have come into your funnel. 

Testimonials, Follow-up messages, and other promotional materials 

Join the telegram group for affiliates of NTM 

The NTM Affiliate Sales Challenge

This challenge starts 1st August 2023 - December 2023 and runs for 30 OR 60 days  in each cycle. 

This means the sales will be calculated on a 30 days and 60 days basis as indicated on each challenge)

200 sales [Make N3,500,000] +

Between Sept - Nov 2023 

cash prize - N700,000

100 sales [Make N1,750,000] +

Between Sept - Nov 2023 

cash prize - N350,000

75 sales [Make N1,312,500] +

Between Sept - Nov 2023 

cash prize - N262,500

50 sales [Make N875,000] +

Between Sept - Nov 2023 

cash prize - N175,000

20 sales [Make N350,000] +

Between Sept - Nov 2023 

cash prize - N70,000


For every 10 sales [Make N175,000] +

cash prize - N35,000

For every 5 sales [Make N87,500] +

cash prize - N17,500

With the way this is spread out, there is something for everyone! 

May the best man win!