Shhh! This is the secret fund-raising business idea which has helped ordinary people like you to go from struggling financially to actually raising multiple 6-7 figures as funds from the Internet.
Limited time access to attend this webinar - limited slots available!!!

Now you can say goodbye to having to wait for years to save up money or having to take out loans to be able to get enough money to fund any important project you've got and use my no-brainer tested and multiple-times tried business idea to raise funds online by simply setting up a business on auto-pilot system online.


  • How often do you make money?

  • How often do you save?

  • Are you capable of raising money when a need arises?

  • Is your income scalable?? As in, how often does your income increase?
This was me in the first quarter of 2023 when I realized that I had scaled my income to the extent where what I made In the first quarter of 2023 (in 4 Months) was actually what I was celebrating making in the entire 12 months of 2022 and hey we are talking in millions here, 8 figures to be precise.
This means I upgraded my life and raised in 4 months the some amount of money that would usually 
take me 12 months to raise.

Now with what you're doing now, can you also raise money when you need it?

Lets talk a little bit about 2023!

  • How much did you make in 2023

  • How much did you save?

  • How much are you even worth?

This is the time to start learning and doing something that can make the rest of the year the best of your year and prepare you for a BOUNTIFUL life ahead.

This simple hack which I will be sharing with just the few people who attend this webinar is something that can change your life forever and yes! I say so because it changed my life too.

This is how I have been able to use the same system I will be  sharing with you on the "Raising Funds with an online biz webinar" to:

  • Raise money when we needed to get a new house, I raised N1m in 30 days and that's how I was able to support my husband to complete the money to rent and move into a bigger house.

  • How I raised money when I needed to follow my cousin sisters to Dubai.
I had just suffered a major family loss, battled depression, been out of business for months but when my cousin sisters told me they would be going to Dubai, I knew it was a good opportunity to go out and get refreshed. But the problem was - money!!!. I used this system to raise the entire money I spent on my Dubai trip and I left that system ON which started bringing in at least N2m every single month since July 2022 on AUTO-PILOT.

- How I raised N1,182,950 in 7 days when I needed to buy my first property in Lagos and I needed extra funds to complete the money. It was a few days to my 27th birthday and I wanted to be a landlady before 27. My dreams came true because I activated my raising funds skills and got with this property which is now in 8 figures. You see... Use an online business to raise money and then invest into real estate and other high class wealth building strategies.
- How I raised my school fees and how this helped me settle without depression as I Japa. It had always been my dream to do my masters in the UK and I had heard so much about how people fall into depression when they Japa, I didn't want that so I pulled my last stunt and raised my school fees which was about N10m.

And it's not just me alone......

Look at this comment from someone under my mentorship - She needed to raise money 2 weeks ago and she just picked up this course and was the rest is history.

And Diamond who needed to raise money for her U.K Japa

Then look at this public post of Adewuyi Tamilore, he wanted to move to Canada via the study route and he needed $34k and he used this same idea I will be sharing with you to raise the funds in 3 months.

Now the big question is......;

  • Do you want to raise funds?

  • Do you have any project or Just some dreams you have which currently needs funds?

  • Or maybe you just simply want to make money online so you can have enough to sponsor your lifestyle

  • Maybe you're currently a stay at home wife looking to start making some money of your own

  • Or you just finished NYSC and you're literally trying your best to find something to do so you don't have to go back home to your parents house...

  • Or perhaps you're employed but salary is never enough. You always find yourself broke and looking forward to the next pay-day and even when the salary is paid, to quickly disappears!

Trust me, I understand because I've been there and most importantly, I have helped almost 1000 people who are my students to move from these stages to actually printing cash off the Internet.

Let's get to the chase! How can you raise money via an online business....?

There are so many ways to make money online but I will be sharing with you my very favorite one because its the easiest to start up without much barriers. In fact last year I figured out how any one can do this business model without even showing their face online and this has been one of the most easiest and cash printing model which my newbie students used to achieve faster financial success.

This can work for you whether you have a current business or not. it doesn't matter if you've never sold anything before.

However this webinar, is specifically for people interested in selling digital products/services online. A.K.A selling information products.

Listen, information product business has made the highest number of millionaires in this age. If you are current with the gist of what is currently happening on Instagram and facebook, you would have seen that recently more big brands/some of your faves who were selling physical products have introduced information products now promising to teach people "what they know how to do".  They are all now trying to rush into this business so they can have their own share of the "hot cake".

But why should you even sell info products?!

First of all, info products are in demand. The e-learning industry is expected to grow to over $243 billion this year.
Not to mention that in 2020, course creators on Teachable earned $456.7 million and Udemy has 40 million users. Have you seen the amount Selar paid to creators last year? Or should I start mentioning all the digital product (info product) platforms and the millions they paid out just last year?

Or should I even just share with you a little snapshot of my own share just so you know I am not one of those newbies out on the internet promising to teach you how to make money when they haven't even made shit online

Here's part of my previous share of the billion dollar industry

That is forty-six MILLION NAIRA!!! Almost Forty seven Million and this doesn't even capture all sales.


I've been in this game long enough that I now know what works the easiest, you can simply google "DebbieIgnites" but that's not the question now... My question for you is...

Wouldn't you like to get a share of this billion dollar industry??

Now if you're thinking...

"But I'm not an expert,"

"I don't know how to create digital product"

"I don't have any information which I can turn into a product that I can sell"

I want to show you how you can raise money on demand through an Auto-pilot system by simply selling other people's products.

If you're not in that category, you have your own info-products which you have already created and tried selling but barely made any sales...

Or maybe you just want to be able to make consistent income from your already existing digital products/services...

Then I'll still be showing you how to sell your own info-products if you've got any using the same model

Imagine the ability to.... "Have a need for money and actually raise that money" using a simple info-products business model which you can set up once and watch it bring profit on Auto-pilot.

This is your opportunity to attend

"Raising Funds on Demand Webinar"

All I want to do is show you PRACTICALLY HOW TO RAISE FUNDS USING AN ONLINE BUSINESS selling info-products on Auto-pilot

It'll be very practical

In this LIVE TRAINING, I will be showing you

  • The predictable Cashflow Strategy [N30,000] - I'll show you how to set the goal for each amount of money you need to raise - you need N300k? I'll show you how to realistically set the goal to get it. N5m? N10m? We'll do the math's and I'll also show you how much it could cost to set up your funnel.

  • The Raising Capital with zero cash strategy [N15,000] - I'll also go ahead and show you how to start with zero capital (if you've got no extra funds) and use that to raise money to use in setting up your Funnels.

  • Then I'll show you how and where to get hot selling info-products which you can start to sell without being an expert. I'll show you this live on the webinar and you can even set your own up immediately after [N35,000]

  • The AI mastery [N30,000] - Now that you have a product, I'll show you how to use AI to sell this product. You'll find out how to create sales messages using AI. You will see practically how you can become a specialist copywriter crafting baddass Advert copies to sell these products. By the end of the webinar you can also create your own Advert for the product you've chosen

  • Mapping out Funnels [N25,000] - Then I'll give you a run down of 3 types of sales Funnels you can use. The fully automated Funnel, the semi-automated and the organic funnel
Total - N105,000

And that's not all!

Signing up for this webinar gives you access to everything that will be covered in the webinar and access to the replay video.


Those who attend the webinar will get access to these 2 BONUSES for FREE!!!.

  • my hottest selling planner - the 31 day launch-plan [N6000] which has hundreds of testimonials from people, you can even google the "31 day launch-plan" by DebbieIgnites and you'll see that this is currently selling at higher prices than this and so many testimonials. You're getting it for FREE here because I want you to have a step by step plan to help you launch out!. 
    In this launch-plan you get day by day step by step guidance on how to launch out selling anything online.

  • You also get free access to my Business on Automation checklist [N2000] which gives you a hands-on list of everything you need to set up an automated Funnel to sell those information products.

Total - N113,000

And with this just one month after your funnel has successfully launched, you’ve recovered your money. Most of my students do more than that amount in their first month of starting out.

Look at Precious who came to me because she needed to raise money so she can have time and funds to start off her dream business - An event planning company. She raised a SHOCKING N650,000 in her very first month after launch!
Or maybe it's Zima who came to encourage her fellow students under my group. You know what they say... "Money will turn you into a motivational speaker sef". #Lol. You begin to see so much possibilities and start to encourage others. This was her case
What about Ezinne who raised over N800,000 in December after getting to know me in October?? Look what barely 3 months of catching my fire did for her.

So N113,000 for a lifetime of knowledge, awareness and skills which can help you raise funds whenever you need???.... Cmon!!! That's a BIG good deal

But because I just want to put this live training out because of the high demand and I do not want unserious people who are only looking for free things to show up..

I have decided to give all these out for just a little commitment…

Just N3,000 naira ONLY... you’ll reserve your slot today. 

Just N3,000 to secure your seat and this webinar can only take a very limited number of people so once the space is filled up, it's gone forever!.

This is not something you should ever think of missing.

Let me ask you this.... 

What can N3000 do for you?

1. Buy Sharwama?
2. Buy Data subscription? (which will not even last up to one month)
3. Eat good food today?
4. Attend the RAISING FUNDS THROUGH AN ONLINE BUSINESS webinar where you will learn how to HOW TO RAISE FUNDS USING AN ONLINE BUSINESS selling info-products on Auto-pilot with zero prior experience!
DebbieIgnites Deborah Ugochukwu
You see...

If you had to pay for my consultation fee to speak with me for 45minutes+ and have me help you strategize how to raise funds using an online business...(as you can see below)'ll be paying N45,000 just for this alone.

And the last time I made a condensed live training like this for many people, it was paid at N25,000.

But right now.... I am moving on because I now have more engagements taking my time as a public health researcher and data analyst in training here in the UK which has always been my dream that I used my online business to fund. I will always be grateful to God for inspiring me to take a chance on this online business thingy and changing my life with it!!! (whoops whoops!! Thank you JESUS!)

Now I just want to give back 
I really just want to help as many people as possible to get started with my ideas. I am not promising you magic but I am certain that anyone who uses my ideas which I will give in this live training... that person is most definitely ending up a MILLIONAIRE!

Right now, the economy is brutally hard and having an extra source of income is a must.

So…as a way to help people genuinely, I decided to make this super-amazing. 

And any serious human being…
Who wants to raise AT LEAST 300,000 naira extra monthly will see sense in this…

For today ONLY

You won’t pay a ridiculous amount of N113,000 at all or anything close to it. 

Just N3,000 naira ONLY... you’ll reserve your slot today before this is over. 

Why DebbieIgnites should teach you - what she said

I’ve made over 500k even as a student with what Debbie has taught me

What others are saying about DebbieIgnites 

Real people with real experiences 

Ready to get your share?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a physical training?


It is a webinar meaning it will happen on the web "online". Everyone who is lucky enough to register for the webinar will get the unique link to use in attending the training. You will also get access to the replay video do you can easily watch back to pick up more on any thing you need.


Is there mentorship and support?


There is no sort of mentorship or support attached to this. Cmon, You're paying a tiny fee to get access to my years of knowledge, ideas and experience which did not come cheap. I have given the best gift with This live training, I will not deceive you by promising "mentorship" for this because you and I know its impossible.


Where is the venue?

It is online. Each registered participant will get a link to attend.


What is the date & Time for the webinar?

Once The seats/slots for this is filled up, this offer will disappear. Only those in the paid group will get access to the specific date and time for The webinar


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